FuelLog version released. Now with graphics and based on Python version 2.0. Compatible with all Symbian 3rd and 5th edition smartphones.

FreeMinMon - the inclusive minutes monitor is released. Estimates the usage of inclusive minutes and inclusive texts/SMS in the current accounting period.

Download and Installation


To run FuelLog for S60 the free Python for S60 runtime must be installed on the S60 smartphone.

Version 2.0.0 required!


Version 2.00     Change log


  1. FuelLog for S60 (137 KB)
  2. Python S60 runtime (Version 2.0.0, 1 MB)
    • On some Nokia devices the Python installation is started automatically when FuelLog is run for the first time by the system app Software update (named SW update in phone menu).
    • In some cases the PIPS library has to be installed as well (PIPS library, 1 MB).

FuelLog for S60 complete
(ZIP-Datei - 3 MB with FuelLog, Python for S60 runtime, PIPS library and ReadMe file)

Download problems? Try: right mouse key -> Save target as...


Run the installation file (file extension SIS) on a PC with installed PC Suite or send the installation file to the S60 device (e.g. via Bluetooth, infrared or as E-Mail attachment) and run it from the Inbox of the Messaging application.

Both FuelLog and the Python runtime can be installed to phone memory or memory card.