FuelLog version released. Now with graphics and based on Python version 2.0. Compatible with all Symbian 3rd and 5th edition smartphones.

FreeMinMon - the inclusive minutes monitor is released. Estimates the usage of inclusive minutes and inclusive texts/SMS in the current accounting period.


FuelLog for S60
Records, stores, calculates and exports fueling data and fuel consumption of your vehicles on your Symbian S60 3rd and 5th Edition (Symbian^1) smartphone.
FuelLog for S60 is a fuel consumption and fuel expense monitor software.

For each fill up odometer, fuel and expense are entered and FuelLog calculates the distance covered since the last fill up, fuel consumption, distance per tank, fuel price, cost per distance and cost per day.
All data is stored with the date and an optional note and can be exported to a CSV-file for further analysis in spreadsheet or database programs. The CSV-file can be stored on the smartphone or sent via bluetooth.
The integrated statistics calculate totals for: distance, fuel and expense; and average, maximum and minimum for: consumption, distance, distance per tank, cost per distance, cost per day and fuel price.
Graphics can be shown for consumption, distance, distance per tank, fuel, expense and price.
Annual distance
until end of the current year is extrapolated from the distance already driven in the current year.
The FuelLog database can be backed up to memory card and be restored from there.
Standard date formats and separator can be selected by the user.
For each vehicle the user can set name, description, distance unit (km, mi, h), fuel unit (l, gal, kg), mode of consumption calculation (distance per fuel (e.g. MPG) or fuel per distance (e.g. l/100km)), currency symbol and tank volume.

The Standard version manages two vehicles, the PRO version an unlimited number of vehicles.
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