FuelLog version released. Now with graphics and based on Python version 2.0. Compatible with all Symbian 3rd and 5th edition smartphones.

FreeMinMon - the inclusive minutes monitor is released. Estimates the usage of inclusive minutes and inclusive texts/SMS in the current accounting period.


FreeMinMon for S60 is Shareware and can be evaluated without time limit.
Wikipedia - Shareware

Restrictions of the unregistered version:
  • Only one exclude number.
  • No free units (for calls and texts/SMS).
  • Values for remaining days in accounting period, free units, outgoing calls and sent SMS/texts are not shown.
  • Billing increment is fixed to 60/60.
  • No automatic update when FreeMinMon is switched to foreground.
  • Raw call duration (1/1) and call duration distribution on mobile and internet (VoIP, SIP) calls are not shown.


The price for a FreeMinMon for S60 licence is 7.95 EUR *.
  • The license is valid for up to three devices identified by IMEI.
  • Updates are free for registered users.
Price per license. Licence is bound to one device identified by IMEI.
No additional costs for shipping and handling.
All taxes included. Due to §19 german UStG no VAT contained.
Registration code will be sent by E-Mail within three business days after receipt of payment.
License bound to IMEI (serial number)
The FreeMinMon license is bound to the seriel number (IMEI) of the mobile phone and valid for up to three devices. In case of device change or for mutiple device usage registered users can request two additional registration codes.

Register via Author

FreeMinMon for S60 can be registered directly via the author. The payment method used is PayPal.
Goto FreeMinMon registration via PayPal

Registrierung via author - Payment with PayPal

What is PayPal?
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Registration via service provider

FreeMinMon can be registered via registration service provider.