FuelLog version released. Now with graphics and based on Python version 2.0. Compatible with all Symbian 3rd and 5th edition smartphones.

FreeMinMon - the inclusive minutes monitor is released. Estimates the usage of inclusive minutes and inclusive texts/SMS in the current accounting period.


Symbian app for URL shortening service
  • Shorten long links
  • Expand short links
  • Get Information about short links
    (long URL, website title, user & global hash, user & global clicks, created by)

Compatible with all Symbian 3rd and 5th edition (Symbian^1) smartphones.



Shorten for S60 is an application to create short URL's with the URL shortening service. Short URL's can be expanded and information about short URL's be displayed (long URL, website title, user & global hash, user & global clicks, created by).
Wikipedia - URL shortening


You need a account and have to enter your personal 'login' and 'API key' in the settings dialog. Your 'login' and 'API key' can be found at:
See the Screenshots for more detailed instructions on how to use Shorten.
Remember A long press on # key (arrow up) or pencil key activates copy and paste on Symbian S60.

How to get the URL from a S60 browser

A question regularly arising regarding the usage of Shorten is:
How to get the URL from a Symbian browser
Follow the link to get some instructions.


Currently you have to enter complete short URL's, like, to expand them to long URL's. Entering only the hash, like bv3sDG, is not supported yet.

Download and Versions

Download Shorten from the Beta Area.
Details about the current Shorten version can be found in the file changelog.txt in the beta download area.


Shorten is Donationware. Wikipedia - Donationware
If Shorten is used permanently, the author beliefs that a donation is adequate.



  • Shorten main screen. Select one of the the sections to shorten a long URL, expand a short URL or get informations about a short URL.
  • Click the Long URL item or use the Options menu to enter an URL to be shortened.
  • Dialog to enter the long URL to be shortened. The mandatory prefix 'http://' is shown be default. Either complete the entry or paste an URL from the clipboard by a long press of the # key (arrow up) or pencil key.
  • The long URL to be shortened is entered. Press OK to confirm.
  • The default dialog used to enter URL's can only display 80 charcters. If an URL with 80 or more characters is entered in the default dialog, a text editor is opened to complete the URL. You can paste to the text editor in the same way as to the default URL dialog. Via the menu options the editor content can be saved, cleared or the editor input can be canceled.
  • Ready for shortening. The cursor jumped to the Short URL section. Click here or use the Options menu. Shorten will establish an internet connection and send the long URL to the server, which shortens the URL and sends the result back to your smartphone. The short and long URL is stored in your account. Visit your account for statistics.
  • The long URL was successfull shortened by the server. The short URL is shown in the Short URL section of the main view and a dialog with the short URL pops up. From ths dialog you can easily copy the short URL by a long press of the # key (arrow up) or the pencil key. When you copied the short URL to the clipboard, you can easily enter it whereever you want, e.g. in a SMS, text message or E-Mail.
  • Done. Long and short URL are shown in the Shorten section ;-)
  • Let's do it the other way round and expand a short URL to the original long URL.
  • The short URL is entered and the cursor jumped to the long URL item. Select it and Shorten will contact the service to get the corressponding long URL.
  • Here we go. Shorten received the long URL and displays it in the dialog. Note the labels: the # key (arrow up) or the pencil key is pressed to activate copy and paste. Press the left soft key labeled 'Copy' to copy the long URL to the clipboard. So you can easily enter it whereever you want ;-)
  • The third task implemented in Shorten is to get informations about short URL's. Enter a short URL in the info section and select the URL info item ...
  • ... and you get some useful informations about the short URL: short URL, long URL, website title, global hash (created by the system, not by user, aggregate link), and ...
  • ... number of clicks via the global hash, the user specific hash, clicks via the user hash and the user who created the short URL.
  • Last but not least the settings dialog. Here you can enter your login and API key.
Also you can select if the short URL's created by Shorten should use the '' or the '' domain.
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